Ghosts on the Bloomingdale Trail

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This fall you are invited to Ghosts on the Bloomingdale Trail, a self-guided listening experience featuring real Chicago ghost stories. This FREE event can be found on the Bloomingdale Trail any time of day (or night) from October 19th-November 15th. Look for the 15 “ghost trains” on the trail between Humboldt Blvd and Drake Ave.


As you encounter each ghost train, scan the QR code to hear a unique ghost story experienced by a Chicago resident. Some are told by the people who experienced the haunting, and others are performances based on interview transcripts. All stories are true in the sense that real people - your neighbors - believe this happened to them. We think these stories are pretty family-friendly, but sometimes the very thought of a ghost is scary. Please use your discretion.

Do you have a story you’d like to share for a future version of this project? We’d love to be in touch! Please tell us more HERE.

Ghosts on the Bloomingdale Trail is a collaboration between Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail, Free Street Theater, Chicago Mobile Makers, and Radio Luzifer. Project funding and support are provided by the Chicago Park District.


Ben Helphand 

Creative Director

Coya Paz 

Project Coordinator

Kidjie Boyer

Audio Design

Lucy Saldana

Train Stop Design

Maya Bird Murphy, Bobbie Carr, Karli Honroth

(Chicago Mobile Makers)

Flyer Design

Lucy Saldana

Website Design

Janie Killips

Additional Project Support

Katrina Dion, Donna Gary, and Karla Estela Rivera

Performers and Storytellers

Ysaye McKeever

Aimy Tien

Lauren Pretnar

Christine Bowen

Shay Turnage

Sebastian Olayo

Kidjie Boyer

Juliet de Jesus Alejandre

Katrina Dion

Vic Wynter


Deanalís Resto

Nina D’Angier

Eiren Caffal

Connie Shirakawa

Taria Michelle Abram

Ivy Castillo

Jacob Snodgrass

Karla Estela Rivera