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We can't ride or stroll on the Bloomingdale Trail right now. But we know it is closed with good reason. We all have to do our part to spread out and flatten the curve and that was hard to do on the relatively narrow Bloomingdale Trail.

While we're stuck (mostly) inside the Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail have come up with something to do. An activity for all ages. We're asking you to create your own section of trail (call is social distancing). We'll be collecting all your visions and putting them together into one ENDLESS BLOOMINGDALE TRAIL.


Follow the instructions to the right. The only rule is that everyone includes a common line across the page. This line represents the Bloomingdale Trail, and will be the thru line when connected.


On the line you can draw whatever you like; people, trees, animals, ice cream cones, cactus, sculptures, vegetables, tea cups, trains, a symphony, really it's up to you.


Below the line, you can draw too; bridges, cars, trolls, waterfalls, chandeliers, pizza, murals, really it's up to you. 

You can make as many as you like. Who knows, it might get as long as the real Bloomingdale Trail.

We know someday soon the Bloomingdale Trail will open its ramps and we'll be able to go out again and move wherever we want in our beautiful City. When we do, we hope we do so with newfound appreciation for the simple joys of walking, running, skipping, strolling, rolling, riding, even meandering.   

Stay inside and save lives. 

Look UP! It's the Bloomingdale Trail 



















How To Contribute to the Endless Trail


  1. Find an 8 1/2" X 11" piece of paper.

  2. Turn it horizontally ("landscape view").

  3. Draw a line 3 inches from the bottom. This line represents the Bloomingdale Trail.  

  4. Draw ANYTHING you like, real or imagined, on AND below the  line/trail. 

  5. When finished, scan or photograph your drawing.

  6. Post it the Bloomingdale Trail Facebook Group, and 

  7. Send it to

  8. Check back soon. We'll be stitching the drawings together into the "Endless Bloomingdale Trail"

Scan 1.jpeg

Example of a submission. This artist imagined the Bloomingdale Trail as an elevated ocean with a killer whale. Lets call it the "Bloomingdale Whale." It is drawn on a horizontal 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper. The line of the trail is 3" from the bottom. 

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