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History of FBT


A group of neighbors interested in the possibilities for a transformed space along the elevated Bloomingdale Line embankment come together to form Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail, a non-profit organization.


LISC/New Communities Program publish the Logan Square and Humboldt Park Quality-of-Life Plans, which supports the construction of a new greenway on the Bloomingdale Avenue rail embankment. FBT is a participating organization in the plan.

FBT, with a grant from the Prince Charitable Trusts, publishes a brochure and map of the future greenway and its adjacent communities.


FBT reaches out to The Trust for Public Land to become the partner that could help build the park, with a history of raising funds and managing construction.

FBT held a coloring competition with children ages 4 to 13, who were asked to share their creative vision for the proposed Trail. Winners were saluted by an official resolution from the Mayor and the Chicago City Council.


FBT kicks off a community visioning process throughout the year, with a facilitated design charrette, community and educational surveys, public meetings, and open houses.


FBT publishes the Community Visioning Update, a summary of findings and compilation of community feedback from the visioning process. The document would become an official part of the City’s Request For Proposals for the project.

FBT, TPL, the City, and the Park District open what would become the Julia de Burgos Park between Albany and Whipple Ave along the Bloomingdale embankment, galvanzing neighborhood support for the larger Trail project.


FBT applies with the Chicago Park District to be the official park advisory council (PAC) for the Bloomingdale Trail.

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