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Rhymes with Trail: Hidden Pictures 

When exploring the Bloomingdale Trail it's always fun to closely observe the world around you; all the different plants growing and people going by.


Test your powers of observation with this hidden pictures game. Find all the things that Rhyme with Trail. Try coming up with the rhymes yourself (so many things rhyme with trail!) Or, use the list on the side for help. 


Do you recognize this location? It's a view of the Bloomingdale Trail from park 567. That arched bridge takes the Bloomingdale Trail over Milwaukee Avenue and the train overhead is theCTA Blue Line. 

Kids Activity Pages 

Please enjoy these activity pages for kids of all ages. We've posted a few* to get started, but have more in the works. Check back periodically for new games and puzzles and if you've got an idea for a fun activity please let us know. This is a living document so there's no limit to what we can create and share.

*Created by Kayce Bayer  with Ben Helphand  


Bloomingdale Bees! Pollinator Maze  

You might have noticed a couple of bee hives along the Bloomingdale Trail on the Western end. The bees that live there are lucky to live next-door to mile after mile of pollinator-friendly plants. 

Help our little honey bee through the maze. At the end there's a field of purple coneflowers (aka echinacea) full of delicious pollen to gather and bring back to the hive.  

Did you know the hives on the Bloomingdale Trail produce hundreds of 8oz jars of honey every year? They're maintained through a partnership between the Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail, the Chicago Park District and Bike-a-Bee. 

Trees of the Trail: Matching Game

The Bloomingdale Trail is home to dozens of interesting trees. It's relaxing to look at the different shapes and patterns of their leaves, flowers and seeds. 

Match these 5 leaves with the seed from the same tree. See if you can find these as you walk on the trail or in your own neighborhood.


Hard to believe a little acorn, spinning j, or buckeye can grow up to become taller than a house! Great things start out small.  



Bloom and Dale's Word Search

There are so many ways to talk about The Bloomingdale Trail. It's an elevated trail of course and a place to see the City's skyline, eat a paleta, or follow a butterfly.  

Help our friends BLOOM and DALE find all the words hidden in the jumble of letters beneath the lamppost. 

There are always surprising, unintended things to find on the Bloomingdale Trail. See if you can find a few words NOT on the list. Dale found the words line and hat while  Dale found tub and real. 

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