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Who We Are


The mission of the Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail Park Advisory Council is to be the community stewards of the Bloomingdale Trail, the heart of the 606, by having an independent voice while working closely with all stakeholders, to ensure that the trail is a vibrant, inclusive part of the Bloomingdale corridor.

Purpose & Goals

  • To sponsor and promote open communication on matters relating to the Bloomingdale Trail with and between all communities, stewards and users of the Trail.

  • To advocate for, facilitate and support opportunities for direct community engagement (e.g. arts, health, economic inclusion) and to promote robust community involvement.

  • To ensure a healthy balance between the Bloomingdale Trail as a neighborhood amenity and a regional and international attraction.

  • To preserve the history and life of the Bloomingdale Trail from the 19th century to the present.

  • To assist in raising funds and resources to enhance the Bloomingdale Trail.

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