• Paul

Check out our new website

It’s been an eventful year full of positive developments for the prospects of a Trail, including the acquisition of property alongside the embankment at Whipple & Albany for a future park and access point, and next year promises to be even more momentous. Accordingly, we’re giving the website a face-lift and retooling it to better accommodate all of the news, information, and events surrounding the Trail. More details after the jump.

You’ll see a new History section, where we’ll flesh out the Trail’s past as best we can discover, as well as keep a page updated with the project’s current status, an easy way to get caught up with where we’re at.

We’ve added a Maps section to collect all of the historical and current maps of the Trail, including a layer for Google Earth, and rail maps of Chicago’s past (special thanks for FBT member Greg Valent for pulling together these PDFs).

We’ve also got a fleshed-out Volunteer page with some ideas for how to get involved; the start of a better Photos page for galleries of various images of the Trail; soon, an Events page will let you stay abreast of upcoming activities and FBT-sponsored events, like trail cleanup days and tours.

This is just the beginning of a new effort to increase our online resources; some of the ideas being discussed include a wiki for collaboratively developing information; online forums for discussions; and multimedia, such as podcasts. We want to create an online community around the Trail that’s just as vibrant as the real-life, grassroots community we have today.

One related note: we’d very much like to present the information on our website in Spanish as well as English, so if you’ve any interest in assisting with a translation effort, please drop us a line.


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