• Paul


Here’s an interesting program you should check out: BickerBikes helps Chicago youth get active through cool workshops where they learn how to repair and fix up an old bike. They earn the bike once they’re done, and in the process learn about bike safety and rules for riding, good nutrition and exercise tips, and how to get around the city under their own power. Sounds great!

The program is raising money now to help pay for two summer classes and a year-round after-school bike club. They’re looking to bring in $5,000 in individual donations.

Our own Raul Echeverria is working on BickerBikes as part of his work at Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation.

What does your donation buy?

Safe Riders – $25 allows one youth to ride safely with a helmet, lights and bell.

Self Sufficient Youth – $100 enables youth to keep on riding for years with a lock, patch kit, pump and tools.

Creating a New Generation of Cyclists – $500 to $1,000 provides critical program support for mentoring, mechanics instruction, nutrition education, safe-cycling drills, and parts for rebuilt bicycles.

Changing the city – Less congestion, decreased pollution, active and healthier youth: Priceless.


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