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Add your voice to the Trail’s future

This past March, Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail, along with many of you, started fleshing out a vision, from the community, of the future Trail. When we met at ACME Art Center that Saturday, we brainstormed with our neighbors and friends, drew on maps and sketched concepts with the help of some designers and architects, shared our hopes, concerns, and some nuts-and-bolts practicalities about building this new park. This activity was the beginning of a long-term effort by FBT to gather the community’s voices together, so that we can speak concretely about the kind of Trail we want.

Now is the time for us to step up and add those voices to an important process. We have an opportunity to write a report that will be used by the City as a basis for designing the trail. This is an exciting and real moment to have the community’s vision reflected in the future Trail. We want to ensure that the design of the park fully reflects the diverse needs and desires of all the communities that live near the Trail.

We’re asking you to participate in this report by telling us exactly what you want to see in the Trail. We’re going to use an online survey tool to hear what you have to say. Then, we’ll take the results of the survey, digest them, and write the report based on what the data tells us.

It’s in English and Spanish. Please feel free to forward the link on to any person or organization you think should have their say in the Trail.

Community Visioning Survey:

This all needs to happen fairly quickly. We’d like to have everyone fill out the survey by October 21. The number crunching and report writing will start immediately after, and we expect it to be handed over to the City later this year.

Please take a few minutes and complete the survey, won’t you? And when you’ve finished, would you send the link on to a handful of your friends, family and neighbors?

Thank you for your time, your opinions, and your efforts. You can help make the Bloomingdale Trail Chicago’s next great park.


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