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Snowmen @ Albany-Whipple Park!

Bring on the Snowmen and Snowomen! Bring on the Snowkids, the Snowpets, Snowscapes! Bring on the Snow!

We invite you to join neighbors of the Albany-Whipple Park and Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail in populating the new park (and future access point) with Snowfigures.

Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail will be on hand with carrots and coal to give face to your creations. But remember this is a BYOS event: scarves and other accessories are entirely of your own accord. Of course, you need not feel confined by carrots, coal and scarves. Bring any other material that will biodegrade, or that you can easily remove when finished.

First and foremost, we want to leave a legacy of playfulness and community support. Plan responsibly to leave no trace when the snow melts.

We expect another flurry of snow Friday evening and into the morning to add to this week’s snowbank.

Building begins at 11am, Dec 20.

Enter at the 1800 N Blocks of Albany or Whipple

Guest post by Ryan M. Wilson (Friend of the Bloomingdale Trail)


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