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Albany Whipple Park update

Earlier this winter, Kerry Geiger, a neighbor of the new Albany Whipple Park, wrote us the following email:

“The park has already had a huge impact in neighborhood activities. The area people that use it are all very positive about it and are looking forward to the next phase. The kids are playing soccer and football and enjoying the space in general. When the snow was still here, I saw a couple pulling their toddler on a tube… they were having a blast. Several of the neighbor boys take cardboard and slide down the hill from the tracks near Whipple. Since that area was cleaned out so nicely, there are a lot more people using the ramp to access the Bloomingdale Trail for a nice walk.

Dog owners seem to use it regularly, exercising their pets. Most are very conscientious about picking up after them, and hopefully the rest will become more responsible soon.”

Along the lines of responsibility, someone recently dumped concrete in Albany Whipple Park, which the City has since picked up. Should you see any dumping, please call the police or the local alderman to report it.

Guest post: Andrew Vesselinovitch, Trust for Public Land

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