• Paul

BT on cover of Chicago Life

If you live in Chicago and get the Sunday edition of the New York Times, you get a copy of the local interest magazine Chicago Life as an insert with your paper.

The cover photo of this week’s issue delivered earlier today is a nighttime vista from up on top of the Bloomingdale Trail, taken by Chicago’s own David Schalliol. Some of you may already be familiar with David’s work through his acclaimed “Isolated Building Studies.” If you haven’t already, do check out that link to his Flickr set, it’s worth your time.

This is a good opportunity to remind everyone of the Bloomingdale Trail group on Flickr. It’s open to anyone, so if you’ve been up or around the Trail and have taken digital photos, you can share them easily with the community. There’s over 400 images there already, some terrific stuff. Feel free to add yours, and we’ll be featuring some of the best on this site coming soon.


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