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You spoke, the Chicago Park District Listened

Implementing Community Feedback

Albany-Whipple Park is a brand new park, which will eventually be a vital access point for the future Bloomingdale Trail. Developing this access park has been a labor of love and reached a pivotal point this past Tuesday.

The Chicago Park District held a public meeting to present the site design for Albany-Whipple Park that incorporated the community feedback. A few weeks ago The Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail collected the community’s ideas and input through online comments and those collected at various public meetings. The Chicago Park District took the time to gather and review the community’s comments and created an interactive, interesting and community influenced design.

Below you will find the images provided by JJR of the site design as well as site component ideas. The site components contain a sketch of a Spider, which will be a 2-5 year old interactive play piece. The park itself will incorporate a community garden; interactive play piece, roped play structure, new trees, park lighting and open space for outdoor play. There are also plans to produce a mosaic or another type of community art piece with in the park

We would like to thank everyone who submitted their comments, questions and concerns about the first 2 site design ideas. The site the CPD came back to us with is great and met the majority of community expectations and ideas for the park. Park construction is slated to begin this summer.

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