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Huff Post on the Bloomingdale: From Chicago Railroad To A Corridor Of Green

Check out The Huffington Post’s coverage of the Trail:

“The sun shone on Beth White and Ben Helphand on an August Sunday as they stood on a North Side viaduct, each with their feet planted in the middle of an abandoned railroad track. To the east, the antennas of the Willis Tower poked into the sky. To the west, an industrial smokestack rose, marking the city’s still-operating factories. And below them, cars continued down Kimball, oblivious to the planned transformation above them called the Bloomingdale Trail.

For years, Helphand and White, along with dozens of visionaries, project planners, designers and thousands of volunteers, have envisioned the elevated piece of land they were standing on — a three-mile long strip of century-old railroad track — as a corridor of green parkway that would run from Logan Square and Humboldt Park to the Chicago River, not only making the space into a greenway but also connecting the communities along it.

“It’s much more than just a trail,” Helphand, the president of The Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail, a group of volunteers (and now a nonprofit) who came together in nearly a decade ago to promote the trail, said. “I see it as a thing with infinite capacity. It connects communities across the Northwest Side…”


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