Bloomingdale Trail Tours

East End Tour is 1 hour 15 minutes long and 1 mile in length starting at the trails east end above Bloomingdale and Marshfield Avenues, ending at Western Avenue.

West End Tour is 1 hour 15 minutes long and 1 mile in length starting atop the trail at the west end near Ridgeway Avenue, ending at Humboldt Boulevard. 

Please signup for a tour time below by emailing FBT Tour Director John Paige at least 24 hours in advance at

2018 Tour Schedule:

  • Saturday June 9th 2:00pm - East End

  • Sunday June 17th 10:00am - West End

  • Saturday July 7th 10:00am - East End

  • Tuesday July 24th 6:00pm - West End

  • Sunday August 5th 10:00am - West End

  • Tuesday August 21st 6:00pm - East End

  • Sunday September 30th 10:00am - West End

  • Tuesday October 9th 6:00pm - East End

  • Sunday October 21st 10:00am - West End

In addition to the dates and times above tours can be arranged at mutually agreeable dates and times for groups of 4 or more by contacting FBT Tour Director John Paige at

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