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Science & Nature

Even in the heart of the city, on the Bloomingdale Trail you’re surrounded by nature.

The Bloomingdale Trail is a vibrant ecosystem, with a wonderful biodiversity of trees, shrubs and native plantings and the birds and insects that rely on them for shelter and food.

From our Hellebores in the spring, to the Echinacea in late summer, our plants play a vital role for pollinators such as butterflies, bees and moths.

We even have bee hives on the west end of the trail!

Planted across the entire length of the trail are serviceberry trees, which provide a tasty berry in June (hence their nickname, Juneberries) and also provide a living lab for our volunteers who participate in the field of Phenology: observing and tracking bloom times, when the berries appear and when the leaves turn and drop.

For curious visitors of all ages, we have downloadable nature pages, which feature our trees, bees and a fun Hidden Pictures activity sheet.


We have a number of downloadable PDFs for science and nature that we will publish here soon!

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