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Alt-Bloomingdale Trail Coming Friday.

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

The elevated Bloomingdale Trail remains closed. But starting Friday, June 12th installation begins on the #AltBloomingdale. This Shared Street will covert parts of Wabansia Avenue and Cortland Street from Central Park to Ashland into a temporary alternative to the Bloomingdale Trail.

Closed to through traffic, #AltBloomingdale will only remain open to local traffic. Residents will still be able to park and get deliveries and of course emergency vehicles will be accommodated. #AltBloomingdale, along with the City's other Shared Streets being rolled out is intended to transform some residential streets into open spaces where people can safely walk, ride bikes and do other outdoor activities. For lovers of the Bloomingdale Trail it'll also replace a vital commuting route that has been lost during the Trail's closure.

Though we still miss being UP on the Bloomingdale Trail it'll be nice to stretch our legs on #AltBloomingdale, which by the way, is even longer than the original.

#AltBloomingdale is a temporary experiment, so we very much want your feedback. Please tag photos and comments #AltBloomingdale with your photos, thoughts and feedback.

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