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Grainy photo of a rock band playing outside on the grass in front of a wall with graffiti on it.

‘Rock Stars for a Day’

This would’ve been 1978…79. This was my garage band at the time. We set up on the north side of [Walsh] park, just west of Ashland. The concrete wall behind us is what is now the 606. I don’t know how we pulled this off…

I remember we were just sitting around one summer Saturday afternoon, drinking Old Style…and someone had the bright idea of setting up there and playing.

Of course it was a different time and it was a very different neighborhood then. And that land wasn’t even a designated park yet—the factory that stood there having burned down only a few years prior. It was just an open field strewn with rubble and weeds.

So these are photos of our first, and only gig. But we were Rock Stars for a day. And lastly…………i am the the tall, goony kid wearing the red bandanna. I thought i was so cool.

—Thomas Track Rzodkiewicz‎, Posted to Bucktown Community News

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