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What’s Happening

Worker with bright yellow safety vest drives a small snow plow vehicle on a snowy walkway.

Snow Removal on the Bloomingdale Trail

A lot of folks have asked about snow removal on the trail, as it looks a bit different than your standard plow and salt operation down below.

In order to avoid damage to the Bloomingdale Trail surface, a gentler brush attachment is used. And special attention is given to the blue rubber running strips on both sides of the trail. To avoid damage to these more fragile surfaces these aren’t cleared. This can result in a more narrow path of travel after a big snowfall, so please pay extra attention and avoid crews when you are out.  

Workers wearing bright yellow safety vests shovel a snowy ramp walkway

We all love the unique plants on the Bloomingdale Trail, and many people have raised concerns about salt harming them. Thankfully, the Chicago Park District only uses a solution called CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) in place of salt. This is kinder to the plants and is considered safe or safer for pets.

The Bloomingdale Trail has always been intended as a year-round alternative transportation corridor. But in the winter, it does take some special attention to make that possible.

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